Industrial Automation Software Testing

For embedded and cross-platform development, you can use C/C++test in both host-based and target-based code analysis and test flows. Parasoft C/C++test helps industrial automation software development teams satisfy the software development and verification process requirements defined by the IEC 61508 standard.

Embedded software is increasingly used within industrial automation, as processes become more complex and vendors differentiate commodity devices and improve safety. New systems in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), security and industrial process control may all have a functional safety element affecting their embedded software.

Industrial Automation Software Testing - The outcome is a generic and profound version of the software testing process that is well applicable for industrial automation software. We present a novel framework for conducting semi-automated security analyses of software testing processes in PSE projects, based on the VDI/VDE 2182-1 (2011) guideline.

To build a generic software testing process for automation applications, we first conducted qualitative, unstructured interviews with different roles from a major Austrian-based systems integrator, aligned the resulting model with existing standards for software testing, and then discussed them with a company experienced in testing industrial automation software.

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